Guten Tag! (bless you…)

Alright Jennie – here it is.  My first blog.   I do want you to know I’m taking time out from playing Civilization IV to do this…There’s a lot I’ll share, but it all seems too important to waste on this first post, which (honestly) 1 person will see.

So I’ll address that one person…Jennie – I love you. I love you so much. I love who you are, day in and day out. The decisions you make regarding our relationship, our household and our children. I love the fact that you put the other 3 people in our house before yourself, and to remind you to not feel guilty when you feel you need some time to yourself. You, more than anyone I know, deserves some pampering (which is tough for me to figure out sometimes since you hate spas, etc.)

I love the fact that you (still) love me, even though you know who I am, and put up with me anyway :)And I want you to know that I think you are sexier today than you ever have been. And tomorrow, you’ll be even more so.

You make me laugh, challenge me, and lovingly encourage me to be a better man every day.I thank God for you, and for what you mean to me. Our kids are SO blessed to have you as their mom.

OK, so if you’re not Jennie and you’re reading this (shame on you for eavesdropping!), you must learn who Jennifer Elizabeth Greven is – the Kickboxing Mama!!


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