Christmas Services over…

Christmas Service Title Pack The Christmas services are over, and there’s nothing for the next week and a half except family, food and SANTA (I know him!  Wait – you’re not Santa. Yo smell of beef and cheese…)  He he – can you name the movie?

I’m so proud of everyone involved this morning!  All the musicians, the producers and all the production staff and volunteers. 

Big kudos to Dave Stagl and Luke Roetman and their audio volunteers for doing so much for those of us on stage.  We couldn’t do what we do well if it wasn’t for them, both at the monitor console and Front of House.

Tom, Llew, Jay, Jim, Clay, Chuck, Chris, Vance, Brian, Kevin, and all the audio volunteers – THANK SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK ALL YEAR LONG!!  

Who do you need to thank for their work this year?


One thought on “Christmas Services over…

  1. I just found your site Reid. Thanks for the kind words for us audio guys. It is a pleasure to work with such professional and talented musicians on a week to week basis. The “Little Drummer Boy” Sunday was one of the toughest but by far the most fun I have had behind the console.


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