Christmas Movie List

So Jennie & I just saw I Am Legend (we’ll dissect that later, ’cause I’ve got opinions!), but in searching for movie times, had a list of top 25 Christmas movies of all time.

It’s a little controversial, since they included movies that I don’t think are official “Christmas” movies (see #21 ), but we can discuss…

Here they are in descending order (to add suspense, y’know…)

25. Polar Express (I think this should be higher!)
24. We’re No Angels (nope, I haven’t heard of it either…)
23. The Muppet Christmas Carol
22. Joyeux Noel (another one from the land of obscurity)
21. Gremlins (??? What the heck???) 
20. The Santa Clause (ok, back on track…) 
19. Bad Santa (a little something for the grown-ups)
18. The Dead (???? I mean ?!?!?)
17. The Shop Around The Corner (J-J-J-immy Shtewart) 
16. Die Hard (SWEET! Out of the blue, but se-weet! Yippie-ki-yay!)
15. Love Actually (yeah, missed that one…)
14. The Bishop’s Wife (Carey Grant or Denzel Washington – who would you choose?) 
13. The Nightmare Before Christmas (I wanted to see this, but haven’t – yet!)
12. Holiday Inn (the movie that brought us White Christmas!! Why isn’t this higher?)
11. A Christmas Carol (1951) (yep, classic) 
10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (WHY ISN’T THIS #1???? It’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark!)
09. Babes In Toyland (Laurel & Hardy, kids!)
08. Home Alone (isn’t Macauly in jail or something?) 
07. Christmas In Connecticut (ummm, no.)
06. Elf (candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup)
05. White Christmas (need we say more?) 
04. Scrooged (I LOVE this movie!! And the classic 80’s soundtrack? Excellent!)
03. Miracle on 34th Street (personally,I likes the one on 35th street better)
02. It’s A Wonderful Life (yeah, I can buy that one)

and the top Christmas movies is:

01. A Christmas Story (you’re gonna shoot your eye out!) 

Well, what do you think? Do you agree with their list?

Where’s your favorite rank? My faves are #10, 4 and 6)


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