Michael Olson, Michael W. Smith and The Burbs

So we arrived at Ashley & Michael Olson‘s today (Ashley’s my sister, and Mom & Dad are down from Canada). By the way, you’re gonna want to lick over to Michael’s site (new under Sites Galore!!)

And Ashley got Michael a Tom Hanks collection for Christmas, including the movie “The Burbs” (which I LOVE !!!!!)

The Burbs

So Michael plays drums for Michael W. Smith. Most of you know that. But here’s something I didn’t know…

Michael (W. Smith) has an annual “The Burbs” party!! People dress up as their favorite character and they watch the movie o a big screen on the front lawn. AHHH! Olson’s got to get me in next year!! He’s gonna go as Rumsfeld, and I’ve got to find a pair of liederhosen!!

Rumsfeld and the ugly kid

What character would YOU go as?


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