Santa brought an iPhone!

Yes, I wanted an iPhone. Can you blame me?

So all I asked for Christmas was money so I could pool it all together, add it to some I’d been saving, and get an iPhone – maybe.

I wasn’t sure.

I had to talk to talk to an AT&T rep to see if I could adjust my plan, especially the data stuff. Turns out that in the wake of people texting me, I was racking up $15 – 20 worth of INCOMING texts!

I was paying for people who were too lazy to pick up the phone and call me (y’know, the thing a PHONE was MADE for!). At $0.15 per incoming text, we were racking up nearly $20 in incoming texts. And since that wasn’t going to change any time soon, I realized I could pay the same amount and take advantage of the features of the iPhone.

Pretty good logic, eh?

So save up your Christmas money, analyze your incoming texts, and enjoy your new iPhone too!



3 thoughts on “Santa brought an iPhone!

  1. dude…you could’ve just gotten a “text message plan” added to your existing plan. not to discourage you from getting an iphone…’cos i want an iphone too. But yeah…20 dollars every month for texts?!? c’mon man!

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