Sunday Summary – Music for January 6, 2007

If you know me, you know what I do (or at least where my desk is…). If you’ve stumble upon this (awesome) blog through someone else’s site or a keyword, please check out the ABOUT page – there’s a link above.

OK, so I’ve decided to create a weekly post summarizing the music we played at North Point Community Church that week, and some analysis. You might find it helpful for you and your church, or just plain entertaining 😉

Alright, so first and foremost, I had a blast yesterday. I got to play 4 great tunes along side some of my favorite musicians and best friends (yes, they CAN fit into both categories!). It was great. The groove was great, the parts were great, the in-ear monitor mix was great (thanks Chuck!). Good times. Good times.

I don’t get to do that a lot, since I book myself to play on stage only about once a month (that’s a whole other story as to why a church music staffer should NOT be on stage each week!).

I also took a couple candid pics during announcements…

Danny Grady watching the screensAshley Appling, Pat Malone, Todd Fields, Michael Olson

Are those bunny ears above Ashley’s head?

And yeah, that’s Danny Grady of the band Injected on guitar. Dude rules.

Anyhoo, here’s the Sunday Summary

No Opener this week.

East Auditorium Leaders – Todd Fields, Michael Olson
West Auditorium Leader – Eddie Kirkland

All Because of Jesus” by Steve Fee (aka Fee)
– man, this is a great tune. But guitarists have to master their delay pedal for this one. In fact, that’s a good idea for a teaching video on North Point Music. Gotta remember that… Also, if you’re going to learn this song, learn the version and parts on either Fee’s album or North Point Live: Louder Than Creation, as I think they’re more accurate to how the song was meant to be played.

God Is With Us” by Michael Olson
– This is just a great driving rock tune. I guess you can take that two ways – both driving-rock, and rock to listen to as you drive your car. Either way, it’s easy to learn – fairly simple chords, along with some good signature licks to make it identifiable. The verse isn’t too tough to sing, and the chorus is easy to learn. It’s got a good beat, I’d give it an 85 on the American Bandstand song-meter. The original is on Michael’s “Where Fear and Faith Collide” album, while a slightly shorter, more congregation-friendly version is on North Point Live: Louder Than Creation. They’re both great.

Mighty To Save” by Hillsong United
– OK, everyone knows this tune by now. If you don’t, check iTunes for the original, or a great version by Kristian Stanfill on North Point Live: Louder Than Creation

Now here’s the deal with this tune. It’s over 6:00. That’s LOOOOOONG. Don’t get me wrong – it makes for a wonderful worship experience, and my personal preference is to do the whole thing. But, every once in a while we’re faced with a time dilemma. Our services are very full of different content, and need to end at a specific time (before you rant: it’s a good thing, it honors volunteers, especially ones working with babies and children, it’s essential to turn around the parking lot for the next service, it’s comfortable for non-believers, and we can discuss it later…). So, instead of cutting the tune and replacing it (or not getting to do 3 songs), we edited the 2nd half of the tune. Basically, once you get to the Bridge (Shine you light…) you play that 4 times, including the drums-only breakdown the 2nd time.

Solution” by Hillsong United
-COOL tune! The more I listened to this as I learned it, the more it grew on me. But what took it over the edge was playing it with the other players. Man, what they brought to that song was AMAZING! Ashley’s aggressive drumming was the biggest key, but everyone brought something really special. And Eddie Kirkland singing lead on it was great. What in the past may have been a stretch into a “rockstar”-type vocal, Eddie did fantastically. Singing all those Steve Fee songs is paying off 😉

What song did YOU worship to the most yesterday at YOUR church?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music for January 6, 2007

  1. hey reid,

    great post, if you keep up posts like this you may land yourself as one of the most read NPMi blogs out there…

    i am the SPD at catalyst church, the strategic partner in greenville, sc. this week we did a little experiment and had josh bayne, our most regular worship leader, lead to all north point MUSIC multi-track’s with no other musicians. so our first time out using the multi-track resources in a live environment we went ahead and used it to its full potential. it was a huge win and i am excited to have a solid back-up plan every sunday in addition to using it like this periodically (especially on low attendance sundays)

    check out my blog today and tomorrow for a full 2 part review.

    :: ::

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