North Point’s Music featured in Premier Guitar Mag

A few months ago a fella somehow found my contact info and gave me a ring. Turns out he’s the Editor for Premier Guitar magazine, a mainstream guitar mag, but he’s a Christian and plays guitar for his church. Turns out he was pitching an article about guitars in churches, specifically modern rock stuff.

Well I talked with him a while, sent him a couple photos, and gave him the numbers of a couple of our regular guitarists.

Well last week he sent a box with 10 copies of the magazine… DUDE! This magazine looks great! Great articles, great ads – very cool.

I turned to the article, and turns out that North Point content was quite prominent in the article, and the 2 pics I sent him looked amazing! Each one took up half a page.Anyhoo, you can also read the whole article online. Go to their Web site and click the “Digital Edition” window. They’ve got the whole magazine online too. Choose PAGE 74

.snapshot of Web site home page

When you get into the article you’ll see one of my favorite photos – a stage shot with Steve Thomason, Me, Steve Fee, Todd Fields, Matt Adkins, Ashley Appling (behind the drums) and Pat Malone. AND killer lights and stage by the NPCC Production guys!

And yeah, that’s a close-up of our own Matt Adkins on the right 🙂


What you YOU like to read about in a magazine that’s important to you?


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