Volunteer Appreciation Party was Magical!

Yeah, the cheesiest title ever, but was cool. Every 2 years we do an after-Christmas party for our Service Programming volunteers (Host team, Production, Band) and their spouses. It’s a big to-do, with 400 people last night, and another 800 people expected tonight.

There’s dinner, we ‘re playing 9 tunes during dinner, then some host schtick, and some out-of-house entertainment.

The entertainment? Dude, a killer magician named BJ Harris. He performed at Catalyst and did a trick called “Metamorphosis” (sorry, an “illusion”…) and I was on stage, 10 feet from him and it BLEW MY MIND!!!!

He puts his wife Katie in a canvas bag, handcuffed, then locks her in a wooden box. The volunteers from the audience check the locks and the integrity of the box. Then BJ stands on top of the box, raises a velvet curtain that surrounds the box (tightly on all sides), and quickly drops the curtain. AND KATIE’s STANDING ON THE BOX! And BJ’s now inside the box, inside the bag and handcuffed.


Yeah, well he, along with his wife Katie, performed again last night, and it, once again, BLEW MY MIND!!!! AMAZING!!

If you need great family friendly entertainment for an event, get BJ Harris.


How’d he DO that? Do YOU know??


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