Winter Driving Advice

Well it’s been a Winter Wonderland ’round these parts as of late! Gotta get out the toques and muffs, eh!


If you live up North, let me tell you about these crazy Southern drivers. They do not have a sweet clue what to do when they see flurries, let alone accumulation. Madness, sheer madness!!

If you’re originally from the South, ignore the previous paragraph…

And now, some unsolicited winter driving advice from your resident Canadian to by beloved native Southerners….

Rule #1 – Break Early, Stop Short

Apply your breaks EARLIER (not stronger!) than normal, and plan on stopping your vehicle at a greater distance than normal from the vehicle in front of you. This allows time to skid in the case of ice without causing a collision.

Rule # 2 – Flow with the rate of traffic

This past Saturday, while traveling GA-400, the majority of the vehicles were at a comfortable rate of speed, around 70 MPH. However, we passed at least 3 inexperienced BONEHEADS white-knuckling it at 40 MPH. Now THAT will cause an accident!!


Rule #3 – Remember to disengage your vehicle’s traction control before doing donuts in the snowy parking lot.

I forgot this important rule last Wednesday night while trying to impress my friend, Brad Bretz, and I looked like a TOTAL DORK.

Side note: If your vehicle has front wheel drive, you can only do donuts in reverse. Extra points are awarded if your friends are lying on the hood of your yellow 1980 Dodge Aries… Long story…


How fast did YOU drive in the “snow”?


2 thoughts on “Winter Driving Advice

  1. OMG thank you. If you read some of my blogs I rant about driving and blogging or not I rant daily. I think people are getting worse and worse and in WI where it rains one day and snows the next people have NO CLUE what to do. It’s so frustrating. We’ve got to take over the airways and announce this stuff.

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