Popular Musician Names?

We realized today that you’ve got a pretty good shot at joining our group of North Point musicians if you’ve got one of these popular first names: Danny, Brad, Mike, Jennifer, or Tim. Heck, we’ve already got:

Danny Dukes
Danny Grady
Danny Howes
Danny Stephens
Dan Hannon
Daniel Harper

Brad Bretz
Brad Long
Brad Gage

Mike Gleason
Mike Hines
Mike Bielenberg
Mike Fogleman
Michael Olson

Jennifer Young
Jennifer Carrozza
Jennie Crouch
Jen Lowe

Tim Gibson
Tim Huffman
Tim Bond
Tim Higgins

What’s YOUR first name? One of these?


13 thoughts on “Popular Musician Names?

  1. Tim Huffman used to play here at North Point, but now plays mostly at our campus 20 miles north of here (Browns Bridge Community Church), as it’s closer to his home.

    Do you know Tim Huffman?

  2. Hey Reid,
    Thanks for dropping by the blog and posting. I appreciate it.
    I came into Broken Heart after Tim. I was there from 1985 t0 1990, and I’m pretty sure he had left around two years earlier.
    Hope you know what a blessed guy you are…working with Tim…Michael Gleason…John and Jennfer Carrozza…and of course, now you have Carlos Whitaker as well. What a lineup!
    Tell them all I said hello…
    Paul Joseph

  3. Sam – if there’s a future for a Reid, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Trust me, it makes sound check easier than “more bass for Brad”. “Which Brad???”

    Chris – loved the Ballmer iPod link!

  4. WooHoo! Let me know where to sign up.

    I had the opportunity to run sound for Danny Dukes a couple of months ago and he came up and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Danny”. “Me too…I’m a big fan, etc, etc”. Then we had a short discussion about whether I’m Dan, Danny, or Daniel. (I’m trying to migrate towards Daniel nowadays. I like “God is my Judge” better than “he judged” in the name meanings book.)

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  6. hey reidgreven,

    Tim Huffman
    If it’s the Broken Heart Tim…I’ve been trying to look him up for a while now. I haven’t spoken with him in a few years. He came with me on a few speaking engagements at some churches in the N. Ga area way back when.(mid 80’s) I met him through Kim Klaudt, a guy that I used to go to church with back then

  7. HEY! My name is Tim Huffman and I am a musician! I am also on Google for being the first american television producer ever arrested for producing a non-obscene TV show!

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