Rhetorical Answers – Part 1

Two interesting conversations this morning. Here’s the first one…

First, while standing in the hall, Michael Gleason, Jared Hamilton and I found ourselves involved in a witty visit with one of the world’s most creative people, Jon Williams. Jon works with KidStuf helping create that incredible environment, writing the bulk of the skits, or sketches, or whatever they call the humorous acting sceens… After you meet him you’ll never believe he used to work in accounting!

Jon was wearing a hat that said “writer.” on the front. Appropriate, since he is one. But what makes the hat great is on the back it says “writer’s” with a large square underneath. Get it? “Writer’s Block“. It’s funny – trust me.

And so the rhetorical question was posed: Which came first? The writer or the block?

Jon’s witty answer was “The Block! Only then did they realize they needed a Writer!”

What have YOU written lately?


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