Rehearsal Notes – 01.24.08

Man, I love it when a pain becomes a pleasure. Take yesterday, for example.

We were unable to do our regular evening rehearsal in the West Auditorium due to a Group Link event. A pretty substantial event that happens only 4 times a year, so we were “happy” to adjust. We were fortunate that everyone in the band could rehearse at 10 AM, instead on our normal 6:30 PM.

Wow. I’d love to do THAT more often. Instead of my regular running from East to West Auditoriums (at North Point we’ve got 2 mirroring 3,000 seat auditoriums with simultaneous live worship on both sides. Also known as organized & logistical chaos…), I got to plop down on a comfy seat, sip my morning coffee, and observe and assist rehearsal.


Then last evening the rehearsal on East was normal, and I got to plop down on a comfy seat, sip my evening coffee, and observe and assist rehearsal….


And I’m actually looking forward to this week’s songs – 3 great worship tunes that already “live” in the hearts of our regular attenders, and are just great to sing loud and strong: Salvation Is Here, Everlasting God and How Great Is Our God. Yeah, oldies – but goodies! The other treat is that the players ALSO have these tunes in their hearts, and so we didn’t need any charts and rehearsal was quick and efficient! Yesssss!

But – let me remind you: Rehearsal Is Not Glamorous! Doesn’t look quite as engaging under the florescent work lights, does it?

Yes, in the 3rd picture they are cleaning the floors in the East. I like to think of it more as a Dance Floor…. 😉

How was YOUR rehearsal?


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