Play-Doh. Doohhh!

I don’t understand how a product that gave me so much joy as a child can bring me so much consternation and frustration as a parent.

Even after one’s best efforts, all that came out of the container does not, and shall not return. Instead, little crumbly bits end up on the floor, deep in in the crevasses of the baseboard, and ground into the carpet. As though it teases you: “One bit at a time, I shall turn your beige carpet red! RED!!!! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

At least I think that’s what it’s saying to me..

And yet, as loving parents, we all give in to our child’s excited question: “Can we play Play-Doh?”

They might as well be asking: “Can I destroy your lovely, clean kitchen? Please?”

And we will, of course, smile back and say, “yes”, because there’s just no better feeling than when your child cheers “yeah!!” Somehow, that makes cleaning up all those evil dried bits seem not so bad after all.

What have YOU cleaned up today?


2 thoughts on “Play-Doh. Doohhh!

  1. How about us smarties that installed white carpet on our stairs and upper case w/ two children? Or the fancy dining room set w/ beige covered chairs. Yeah… we’ve already discussed that the kids will trash it and we know this..when they’re old(er) enough we’ll just buy new stuff. Why stress on it?

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