Technology and Creativity Quote

My car radio’s still broken, so I continue to “enjoy” several podcasts on the iPod (iPhone really, but I don’t want to sound pretentious…)

I heard a great quote on a “LOST” Podcast by J.J. Abrams – the guy behind Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible 3 and Cloverfield. You writers and Apple lovers will dig this:

He’s been talking about “the blank page” and “magic box” concepts…

“In the creative process, technology is mindblowingly inspiring to me. I realize that that blank page IS a magic box – it needs to be filled with something fantastic…. I love Apple computers – I’m obsessed. This (Apple laptop) right here, it challenges me. It basically says, y’know, “What are you going to write, worthy of ME?”

I love that. It’s almost as though us Apple users have an OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to use these works of technological art to their fullest potential.

Or rather – that they are designed and created to assist us in reaching our creative potential.

Sing with me, the Napoleon Dynamite love theme, “I love technology….”

What technology helps YOUR creativity?

5 thoughts on “Technology and Creativity Quote

  1. That’s what the quote was from – they had the audio. Great talk, huh? Other than being an incredibly fast talker, I thought he communicated his ideas very well. Pretty inspiring on a Monday morning…

  2. every day i consider myself a failure because i don’t live up to the creative expectations my powerbook puts on me… but then i remember that i am better than everyone that does not use a mac so i feel better until i start it all over the next day… vicious cycle…

  3. plugging the Mac into an even more inspiring 18″ flat screen monitor…. ahhhh. Magic.

    The counter question: what technology KILLS creativity? Besides a phone ringing, of course. 🙂

  4. Ryan – I love your comment about everyone else that doesn’t use a mac.

    And Kim – I’m jealous of your monitor……

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