Rehearsal Recap – Jan 31, 2008

Boys and Girls, I think we’re in for a treat this week!!

We’re doing an acoustic week, and unlike what we’ve attempted before. We’ve never really reached that true “Coffee House” vibe that I longed for. Instead, in the past we’ve compromised and made the rhythm electric an acoustic, and replaced the drum kit with a bunch of percussion stuff and trash cans that just poorly emulated a REAL drum kit.

Well, I think we got it right this time, and I think (ok – HOPE) that people are going to dig it and that our leaders will really be able to lead people into worship with passion! It’s certainly not the same-old-thing, and if you’re at North Point this Sunday, please let me know what you thought by replying to Monday’s “Sunday Summary.”

We also approached the rehearsal differently by having all the guys bring in their instruments into a comfortable room, and sat around and worked out parts and arrangements (for both auditoriums at once). We’re doing Son of God, Let Me Sing and All Because of Jesus (all available HERE).

WOW, that ended up being a really special experience! Check out the horsepower sitting around this circle!

Yeah kids, that’s (clockwise) James David Carter (in the blue ball cap), Ryan Stuart, Mike Gleason, Brad Gage, Wayne Viar (purple shirt on percussion), Steve Thomason, Ashley Appling, Todd Fields and Earl South. You also see Bill DeLoach in the background with the black shirt.

When that rehearsal was over, we all looked at each other in awe, each guy commenting on how special that was. I hope we can do THAT more often, even just on our own time, worshipping with other great musicians.

Here’s a sneak-peak at the cool new set for the upcoming series “Text:_

Now if you ask real nice we might be able to keep that nice orange lift on stage for you……

What excited YOU yesterday?


2 thoughts on “Rehearsal Recap – Jan 31, 2008

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, usually not commenting. But this post is so ironic…just had to emerge from lurking status. Just this morning, my kids were VERY excited to hear the new February edition of the ‘Drive Time’ CD that comes in the Family Times kits (part of 252 basics curriculum…. we’ve become Drive Time junkies). In this new episode, a singer named James David Carter is featured. My daughter asked me if that’s a real person. Told her I’d find out. So… thanks for making that easy for me. 🙂 Btw, really enjoying reading your blog…. gives me lots of ideas for the setting where I lead worship. Thanks for sharing your world a bit.

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