Lolipops’ Bounce Room

If you’ve got kids under the age of 10, chances are you’ve plotted out all the rainy-day play places on a special laminated map.

Well, we discovered a new one just a couple miles from the house. “Lolipops” has been a toy store for years, offering off-the-beaten-path toys. Lots of cool, educational stuff you don’t find at Toys-R-Us or Wal-Mart, like magic kits, elaborate doll houses, science experiments, usable musical instruments, whoopee cushions…

A little while ago they renovated their storage area into a bouncy room – full of those blow-up “moon-walk” bounce things. Now there are half a dozen of these places within 10 miles, but none as new, as nice, or as cheap. And the African safari mural work is fantastic!

And I’m telling you, they have THE fastest slide in the South! Here are a few pics from yesterday. Click on them for bigger views…

How high can YOU bounce?


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