Sunday Summary – Music February 03, 2008

I told the East Auditorium band after the Run-Through rehearsal of our acoustic worship set this morning,

Man, I don’t care what anyone else thinks – that made me excited. I was worshipping just being in the room for that rehearsal. Even if everyone else hates what we’re about to do, that run-through was a special treat for me.

(NOTE: not that anyone would hate it – I was just trying to make a point as to how much I liked it…)

It’s pretty rare I get to even think something like that. I, like many of you, am usually stuck in observation and evaluation mode. But not today. I was in “enjoy” mode. And I don’t mean enjoy as in entertainment, I mean a spiritual enjoyment. Fulfillment, if you will.

Was it the be-all and end-all of corporate worship experiences? Well of course not – but at least it was a morning in the right direction. Much of that was assisted by great musicianship and a great mix (way to go Dave and Audio Volunteers!), but I’d say the majority of it came from Todd‘s heart and contagious passion as he encouraged the crowd – gave them permission, if you will – to forget the burdens they brought with them that morning, and to focus on Jesus – who He is and what He has done for us. It was also very effective to then go into a slow, “worshipful” tune to let them express that.

The acoustic instrumentation also allowed a lot of sonic space in each Auditorium. Yeah, it sounded a bit weak during rehearsal, but was quickly filled in by 3,000 voices on each side. You talk about goose-bumps!

The West Auditorium was interesting. We had a challenge arise late Saturday night and early Sunday morning as James David Carter , who was co-leading in West, called in sick. That’s obviously a rarity for anyone around here. I’ve seen guys show up that should have been in the hospital! So obviously you can pray for JD this week.

So we were down an acoustic guitar and a Worship Leader. So big props to Ryan Stuart who ended up leading all the tunes, Steve Thomason for carrying the musical load on 1 acoustic, and Karyn List (a Music Dept. staffer) who joined in to cover harmonies.

They brought it without skipping a beat (sorry – bad pun). Ryan’s one of the amazing performers I was talking about here that is really developing as a Worship Leader, and it’s so cool to be on that journey with him. (And you really want to hear his vocal chops? Come to Married Life Life at North Point this upcoming weekend. Sweeeeet!!!)

It was a refreshing treat to do a morning without electric guitars, drums, loops, keyboards, bells, whistles, flying monkeys, farting elephants, etc… Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE those things. It’s just nice to have a breather every once in a while…

In all, I had a great experience. I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe that’s why they make so many flavors! 😉

Son of God by Starfield

Let Me Sing by Todd Fields

All Because of Jesus by Steve Fee

These three songs are all on this project.

A couple pics, including the new “Text:_” series set…

East band – Todd Fields, Michael Gleason, Earl South, Ashley Appling

West band – Ryan Stuart, Steve Thomason, Brad Gage, Wayne Viar, Karyn List, (James David Carter – in absentia…)

What caused YOU to worship this past week?


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