Hannah Montana invasion!

Don’t ask me why (and don’t judge us!), but we were at my most hated store this past weekend. I won’t tell you what it is, but it rhymes with Wal-Mart.

I swear, that whole place looked like Hannah Montana was Emperor and we were the gaggle of slaves being forced to bow to her. That girl is EVERYWHERE!!! And the little girls’ clothing area is like her Mecca.

Good Lord! I mean, talk about overkill! I mean, if she were in the Presidential race and kids could vote, it’d be over already and the new military outfits would include sparkles and a wireless rhinestone microphone instead of guns…

But the “oh great” moment was when we went to get Ella a new puzzle, expecting her to pick a Disney Princess (she’s already got the Little Mermaid one), and she blew by them to pick – yep, you guessed it – Hannah McFreakin’ tana…. Oh Great!!!

What marketing ploy has attacked your child?


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