Sunday Summary – Music February 10, 2008

Life just got better – turns out my LiveWires in-ear monitors are NOT broken. I just failed to properly clean out the wax from the right ear mold. AAHHHHHH – if only I had done that on Friday BEFORE I went the whole weekend with an old beat-up pair of Shure E5’s.

But my babies are workin’ again!! Sweet!! I’m waxy! Grosss!!


So, let me just say that I had the pleasure, nay, the DISTINCT pleasure of spending the weekend playing Married Life Live and Sunday AM services in the West Auditorium at North Point with some of the biggest freaks in musicdom! Seriously, these boys are unreal, and I basically got to enjoy them all weekend and try not to get in the way. Their discographies speak for themselves. Scott Meeder, Pat Malone, Todd Fields and Danny Grady.

Joining us on vocals for Married Life Live were Tann Smith, Ryan Stuart and my old Belmont bud Natalie Hemby. Yeah, they put on a clinic of awesomeness!

Tann’s got more soul than one lady ought to have, Natalie’s got built-in auto tune and more character to her voice than a 30 year-old deserves, and Ryan? Well, my wife is actually angry that he’s not famous. Yeah folks, THAT good!


Ok, ok, ok. Sunday morning services.

Todd got to take a break from being “Mr. Worship Leader” and just got to hang out and play guitar (like a kid in a candy store) while Casey Darnell lead in West, with Natalie as the BGV.

Michael Gleason lead the boys in East, all of whom also did a great job. Good parts, not too much “frequency supremacy” wars. Nice stuff. Brad Long and Matt Melton in particular did a great job of playing the distinctive electric guitar parts from each song’s original recording – a great place for a band to be.

Oh, and Matt Melton and his wife had a baby on Thursday. Dude!!!


You Are ” by Todd Fields from North Point Live

I love this song. Great parts, great melody, great hook, but that all pales in wake of the lyric. An incredible personal statement of faith.

Mighty To Save” by Hillsong United, available on iTunes and North Point Live: Louder Than Creation

The next great anthem of modern worship. The only downside of this song is that it really takes the full 6 minutes to develop the whole impact of this song. It evokes such great passion and delivers a great message of proclamation – which is great, but can lack a vertical intimacy. Read the lyrics, you’ll see what I mean.


Yep, a big detour for us. We do specials in the offertory slot about once every, oh, 3 years! Special songs are almost always Openers or Closers, with the offertory being reserved for set changes. But we’re doing a series called “Text:_”, talking about the Bible. Nope, not a lot of great up-beat openers fit that category…

The Word ” by Sara Groves is what we did find, however. A neat tune, great lyrics that speak more of an individual’s view Bible study, along with doctrinal truths. How’s THAT for a tag-line!

This was either a home-run or a miss, depending on who you ask. The two things that will make or break this tune are the band arrangement and the singer. If we were to do this again, I’d change the arrangement to be a little heavier, more aggressive, instead of copying the recording. I’d also err on the side of a more aggressive singer – deeper, raspier, rock ‘n roll, and less “inspo” (inspirational).

While Natalie Hemby definitely brought the great vocal in West, we played it a bit too safe musically. We played it WELL, but we just didn’t venture into the land of cool…

East was also played well, but the refined vocals and the overly polished instrumentation leaned the whole experience more to the dreaded “Land of Inspo“…

There you go. Hope you learned something. Marathon Summary for a marathon weekend… Oh, and here’s a sneak peak of some candid photos I’ll post tomorrow…

East Band: Michael Gleason, Brad Long, Matt Melton, Mike Bielenberg, Wayne Viar, Brad Gage, Ryan Stuart, Rachel Gillis, Jordan Watts

West Band: Casey Darnell, Todd Fields, Danny Grady, Scott Meeder, Pat Malone, ME (Reid Greven), Natalie Hemby, Rosie Iraheta

What inspired YOU to worship this week?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music February 10, 2008

  1. sounds like a good sunday and from everything i heard this morning… overall a win!

    but hey man, thank you for giving me some of your time this afternoon, i feel like it was time well spent for me to learn and develop as a leader, especially as we begin to grow a more local music program. thanks so much for all of your willingness to pour into me and catalyst!


  2. Reid- I just found your blog recently and want to say thanks for sharing your unique perspective with all of us out in blog-land!

    I see you went to Belmont. What year? I was up there from ’96 – ’99. It’s awesome to see Belmont alum making an impact!!!


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