4,000th ???

Check the “Stat-O-Matic” (left side, scroll down).

Someone in the next couple hours will be the 4,000th viewer! It might be YOU!!

Thanks to you all for making the first 50 days of my blog a lot of fun!

Now let’s ramp it up people! Can we do 10,000 by April 1st???

What do YOU want me to write about? Click “Comments” to leave an answer…

3 thoughts on “4,000th ???

  1. I disagree with Luke. I think too much emphasis is given to the roll of “staff” as it relates to the modern church environment. I mean, they are paid to be there. 😉

    I think a lenghty dissertation on the “awesome-ness” of the audio volunteer is in order. Especially those named Brian who show up on Wed evenings early, get up on Sunday at 4:30 am, work for Mrs. Winner’s Biscuits and provide a monitor mix of pure sonic pleasure to all musicians who dare to stick a pair of IEMs into their ears….. (gasp)
    ..or you could just write about your favorite color. 🙂

  2. I think you should write about how it feels to be beat like a dirty rug in fantasy football and have no championships to show any effort. Canada is not being represented well.
    Long live Team Sandlot!

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