“LOST” just blew our minds.

See that pile of ooze on the floor?

Yep, that’s our minds.


Yeah Daniel “McFly” – that’s the way we feel… Whhaaaahhh?

What part confused YOU most?


2 thoughts on “Lost…

  1. Hey Reid! The ending totally confused me! Sayid working for Ben? No way! I have a feeling the confusion will only increase. 🙂 (Happy to read that you are a fellow LOST follower)

  2. I think JJ Abrams is having a grand ole time with all of the people who are still watching this show and thinking that their questions will one day be answered. You just know that the grand finale of this show will come along and the last scene will be them walking out of some forest to see Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Babe Ruth having tea in the middle of a field. Fade to black. Roll credits.

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