ELLAsode: The Dispenser

Ahh! A new feature! My daughter Ella is nearing her 4th birthday, and the world is full of wonder. Thus, our adventures with her shall be the “Ella Episodes”, better known as Ellasodes

Around the backstage areas at church are several “single” bathrooms meant for stage and production personnel. They’re off the beaten path for the general public, and are great for a quick pit-stop before heading on stage. Or even between songs (yes, I’ve done that…).

They’re evenly divided between male and female, but it’s an unspoken acceptance that that rule is merely a suggestion, since the band and production team folks consist of about a 4 male : 1 female ratio. Maybe even more lopsided than that! So it’s not at all uncommon for men to use the female room.

Well, what a perfect answer for me having to take Ella to the bathroom! Any of the women’s is far nicer and cleaner than the men’s, especially after the onslaught of a Sunday morning. And they’re singles, so no worries of unwanted company.

But I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy…

I’m sure you know about the “dispensers” in women’s restrooms. Yep, you know what I’m referring to. I was unfortunately reminded of their existence after Ella asked me what it was.

“Aahhhhh…. Ummmmm… Eerrrrrr… It’s for older girls and ladies.”

“What comes out of here?”

“Geee… The things for old girls and ladies.”

“Is it medicine?”

“Yep. Sure. Let’s go with that. It’s medicine.”

“When I’m grown up, will I have that medicine?”

Good Lord, shoot me now….

What’s embarrassed YOU lately?


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