ELLAsode: The Circus

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was in town at Phillips Arena, and Ella and I got to go this past Friday.


The show was great, and kept Ella fascinated. It was over 2 hours (with 15 minute intermission), so keeping her attention was a big deal.

Tigers, elephants, trapeze, tight rope, human cannons, horses, zebras, Chinese acrobats, Wheels of Death, 70 foot swing towers, trained dogs, clowns, a singing Ringmaster and a live band. And that was before intermission…..

Click on the picture thumbnails for larger pics. The tigers and Gymnasts are especially cool…

IMG_1791.jpg IMG_1785.jpg IMG_1786.jpg IMG_1790.jpg IMG_1793.jpg IMG_1794.jpg IMG_1795.jpg IMG_1802.jpg IMG_1805.jpg IMG_1809.jpg IMG_1810.jpg IMG_1811.jpg IMG_1815.jpg IMG_1818.jpg IMG_1820.jpg IMG_1827.jpg

When’s the last time YOU relived your childhood?


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