Hey Ladies !!!

Hey Ladies!! Guess what! YOU get to sing LOUD this Sunday!

Yep, our good friend and resident “Rock Chic” Chrystina Fincher is tearing it up leading worship in East this upcoming Sunday.

That means all you ladies who (rightfully) complain about the worship songs being too high (or low) to sing because they’re in “guy” keys get to sing out loud in FEMALE keys!!

Add a sweet rock band to boot, including 2 former members of MARVELOUS 3 and the former lead singer/guitarist of INJECTED, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time.

Bring your attitude and leave the pansies at home! HA!!

Oh, and Todd Fields and the boys will be in West, for all you REAL men!

And is it me, or are the musicians getting younger and younger…


Kidding… That’s actually Chris Arias’ son Grayson, who’s taking lessons from “Slug” Mitchell, Sunday’s (much older) drummer.

What are YOU looking forward to this weekend?



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