4.5 years too late…

Yes, we have the house for sale. So what better time to paint the last room plagued with that nasty, chalky builder’s white flat paint nastiness?

Seriously folks, paint your house. There’s no reason not to.

We (stupidly) had one last, solitary guest/kids bathroom that we just never painted – the last room in the house with that horrible builder’s white.

Until today.

And Ella helped!




IMG_1843.jpg IMG_1844.jpg


IMG_1851.jpg IMG_1852.jpg IMG_1853.jpg

So what color is it? It’s actually a darker tan / khaki, but these pics look like everything from olive to caramel.

Mmmmmmmmm… Caramels…….

(Yeeeccchhhh – olives. Gross)

What do YOU need to do around the house?

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