BIG news for Guitarists…

Man, if you are a guitarist, or know one, this is REVOLUTIONARY. Time will tell, but this may be the biggest, most significant leap in guitar technology, in both recording and live performance environments. This is big – really big.

Most guitarists, both electric and acoustic – and even bass – are tone freaks. Constantly searching for the elusive “perfect tone“. I’m pretty sure that it is protected by Bigfoot at the end of the rainbow – you know the place. Half way between Narnia and the LOST island…

Well, the biggest, and honestly most shocking news to come out of North Point musician land is that now 5 of our biggest tone freaks – Todd Fields, Steve Thomason, Danny Grady, Jason Hoard , and soon-to-be Matt Adkins – have bailed on their precious amplifiers and cabinets. Yep – left them at home. They might not see the light of day again.

And I’m talking Marshalls, Bogners, Goodsells, Vox AC30s, Bad Cats, Suhrs – the list goes on…

What has replaced all of those and become (and I quote) “the most inspiring tones I’ve ever had or played“?

The Line 6 X3 Live .

x3 live.jpg

OK, this thing is amazing. And I’m not even a guitarist, and I know it’s amazing. And not because of the killer tones I’m hearing the guys get from it, but from how it lights up their faces! Like kids in a candy store. And these are some of the most incredible guitarists I’ve ever known!

First, it’s not like any other Line 6 product you’ve ever heard, because they’ve doubled the processing power. And that’s big news. I mean imagine going from a 25″ TV to a 50″ Plasma. Yeah – that significant!

You can also have two independent rigs going at the same time to create the biggest, fattest sounds imaginable. I played with Danny Grady using an X3 Live at Inside Out a couple weeks ago. He was the only electric, but it sounded like there were an army of other guitars perfectly doubling everything he played. Absolutely HUGE! We kept looking at each other in awe… and then giggling like little kids. Blew us away.

OK – I’m not to bore you with all the juicy details as to what this puppy can do. But I will say that in the right hands, this thing is a monster. For another North Point audio-based opinion, check Dave Stagl’s post about the X3.

It’s cool to see the guys (who I trust!!!) loading in with a guitar case in one hand, and a small canvas bag in the other, containing 3 things: 1/4′ cable, X3 Live, and it’s power cable. No heavy amps, no giant cabs, no crazy pedal boards. No back ache, no blown tubes.

And big smiles!

3 out of the 4 guitarists this past Sunday (we have 2 stages, 2 guys per side) were using an X3 Live, and from Front Of House, the X3’s actually sounded bigger and fuller. Not to mention easier to mic (2 balanced XLR outs) and 100 lbs lighter 😉

What gear has inspired YOU lately?


12 thoughts on “BIG news for Guitarists…

  1. Wow – that is amazing to hear. I’ve been going back and forth on whether this would just be the “same old same old” from Line6 but if you guys are so jazzed on it I think my decision is made!

  2. I play lead guitar at my church in Florida. I have been using the Pod XT Live for a little over a year now and its amazing. I bet the x3 Live blows it out of the water. Maybe I’ll be upgrading soon.

  3. Any idea what the durability of the X3 is? I’ve had some friends tell me that Line 6 products break easy. What’s this like? I’m with Chris, though…if you’re guys are so excited about it, I may just go with it!

  4. It’s way more rugged than any other Line 6 rig. It feels more steady with more durable metal foot switches.

    Of course, only time will tell…..

  5. Hey Reid,
    I feel llke I have asked this before. But I couldn’t find it and I am apparently senile. Any chance yiour guys would be wiling to share patches from the X3?

  6. YES!!

    We’re working on it. We’re going to try and put them together logically, which takes a little time, (as well as my constant nagging to them!!)

    Keep checking back…

  7. Will:

    Yeah, Todd was one of the first ones. Todd has very little fear in experimenting with new gear and technology.

    He now uses 2 different rigs, depending the gig. If it’s at North Point, he’ll use his new 65 Amp ( with his old pedal board which he just stores backstage. For road gigs or when time or space is an issue he uses his X3 Live.

    Example: He’ll lead at North Point on a Sunday morning from electric using his pedal board and amp, and then take his X3 Live to Buckhead Church to lead at the High School program in the afternoon.

  8. I find it hard to part with my gear, but I can understand the wear and tear of hulling amps, boards and guitars in and out. My goodsell needs to go back to richard’s shop as a result of such a thing.

    Does Alex Nifong still use his pedals?

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