Music Creation and Stylus RMX

WARNING: The following is for music creation nerds. Mom, you can skip this one…

Lem, a North Point Music member, asked the following:

Hi Reid –

First – a big thanks for – integrating multitracks into our worship services has taken our band to a new level. I look forward to whenever new songs are added to the site.

Second – could you tell me what you or your team uses to create loops? I have all the Metamorphosis stuff and lots of samples from various places, but I’d like to begin creating my own. Loops in 6/8 or 3/4 are particularly difficult to find, thus prompting me to look into creating my own stuff. I’ve heard Stylus is a cool product. Any advice?


Dear Lem,

Glad the MT’s are working for you!

Man, Stylus RMX is awesome! We’re now creating 90% of our loop stuff in Stylus. Even simple things like tambourines and shakers are great in Stylus RMX. REMEMBER: Stylus is a PLUG IN for your existing Digital Audio Workstation (Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, etc.)

I’ve been using it for a couple years now, and am still finding new stuff in it. The learning curve is realistic – not super easy out of the box, but with some hands-on time and reference to the manual, you should have the basics down in a few hours.

As far as 6/8 and 3/4? Yeah, I find the same problem. Nothing our there! I’ve taken Stylus RMX loops that I like the overall feel of, dragged them from Stylus onto a MIDI track (as with all Stylus loops), created an 8th note grid and then moved the MIDI pieces around until I get what I’m needing. A little tedious, but worth it in the end.


What do YOU want to know about (that the F.A.Q.s at haven’t answered already?


One thought on “Music Creation and Stylus RMX

  1. Hey Reid,
    The FAQ’s on are paid users only…so I don’t know if this is covered or not…so I’ll just ask anyway…

    How is your music dept. is structured (for instance: who is fulltime staff, part-time, who’s a volunteer; if they aren’t on staff, what’s their day job?) and specifically how the worship leaders fit into the equation.

    At a lot of (albeit smaller) churches, the worship leader and music dept. head are one in the same, but at Northpoint, worship leaders seem to rotate week to week just like any other band member. This set up intrigues me, as it’s different from what I’m used to…

    Thanks so much for your insights. I love reading your blog – it’s a great resource and great encouragement! Keep up the good work!

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