Sunday Summary – Music: February 02, 2008

So Steve Fee is that wonderful mixture of madness and genius – a total lack of fear, yet unstoppable passion for his role in this world as a leader of corporate worship. And it’s pretty incredible to watch him do it. Witnessing Steve and the rest of the FEE band lead worship is the spiritual equivalent to watching the New England Patriots go 18-0.

(We shall not speak of their 19th game…)

And that Kristian Stanfill fellow? The dude’s passion on and off stage is electrifying. And it’s downright contagious!!! HELP! It’s got me! Arrrgh! Toes tapping… Head bopping… Hands clapping… Eyes closing… Hands raising… OH NO – I’M WORSHIPPING! AHHHHH!

I absolutely love witnessing people doing what they were born to do. And that goes for all the boys this morning:

East – Kristian Stanfill, Ashley Appling, Joe Thibodeau, Tim Gibson, Mike Hines, and the one and only Alex Nifong.

West – “Le Fee” (that’s french for FEE…) Steve Fee, Matt Adkins, Heath Baltzigler, Brandon Coker


Everlasting God – Brenton Brown (gotta do this one at least 105 bpm, kids!)

Happy Day – Tim Hughes

Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill

YES BOYS AND GIRLS – per Steve’s great suggestion, we did the faster song SECOND! Worked great. Everlasting God got the crowd singing since it was familiar, Happy Day was a great ramp up, and Beautiful Jesus was a powerful experience, even though it’s still pretty new.

And GIANT kudos to JAKE SUBLETT for amazing lights in East – totally complimented the worship experience (and just plain cool!!).

What inspired YOU to worship this week?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: February 02, 2008

  1. we did a steve fee song this weekend. what an awesome blessing to be able to work with him. i too like the idea of going with the second song as a faster one. it makes sure that there is no energy drop.

  2. We had every bit as amazing a morning with the one-and-only Eddie Kirkland in the East (Wait, is it North? South? West? Oh, that’s right, we just have one auditorium! Well, since we’re the southernmost partnership we’ll call it the South.)

    Set included “Lift High” and Eddie’s personal investment in the experience was obvious. He wasn’t just leading worship, he was worshiping right in front of us and the crowd joined in 100%.

    Thanks for sharing gems like Eddie with the rest of us. Our churches benefit in huge ways from the investments that your team makes in their lives and their abilities.

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