More X3 Live converts

OK guitar boys, two more tone-snob converts this week…

Jeremy Moyers and Brad Long both bought a Line 6 X3 Live.

Jeremy, who’s playing credits include years with country megaband Lonestar, is now leaving his vintage Fender Bassman and beautiful homemade pedalboard at home…

Brad, who just got off the road with Matt Wertz, no longer shall lug around his sweet boutique red Dr. Z head and cabinet…

x3 live.jpg

And Kevin, to answer your question of: “So I’m curious about why they chose the X3 over something like the VOX ToneLab. Any thoughts? Anyone you could refer me to to find out more details?”

My initial guess is that:

1 – Line 6 has been at the forefront of amp simulation technology for years.

2- The X3 and X3 Live have twice the processing power than any previous Line 6 products.

3- Line 6 has a wealth of online and phone support, users groups, etc.

4- The Live model is actually quite rugged, especially compared to previous Line 6 products.

5- In the right hands, this thing sounds AMAZING!

6- Todd Fields, Steve Thomason, Danny Grady love theirs. That alone should sell anyone!

7- VOX is not known or respected for their digital technology. Instead, they make great british tube amps.

So we’ve now deduced that you can have a professional gig-quality rig for under $500. Just add a decent guitar and a 1/4″ cable!

What are YOU waiting for? (I’m waiting because I’m a keyboard player…)


2 thoughts on “More X3 Live converts

  1. I have been a Pod XT Live user for the last three years and when I heard about the X3, I badly wanted to upgrade; however, attempting to be responsible, I decided that I didn’t really need this new equipment. Then I read your post and Dave’s post over at goingto11 and decided to upgrade anyway. What an upgrade it is!

    I programmed my X3 sounds using the same settings that I had been using on the XT and it blew it away. With the XT, I secretly envied my gear snob tube amp friends, but knew that I needed the portability of the POD. I used it tonight for the first time and all of my band mates could hear the difference. This thing is worth it.

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