Planning Center

OK, if you are not yet using Planning Center Online to book your service volunteers, bands, tech people, etc. and to help your staff plan your services, well then you are just plain crazy.

Step out of the dark ages, people! This Web-based online software has changed our lives!!!

Picture 4.png


What makes YOUR life easier?


2 thoughts on “Planning Center

  1. planning center does rock. we love it and have been using it for about 5 months. two best things are automatic emails/view of who has declined/accepted AND the auto flyup of chart/mp3 once a song is added to a set list…beautiful, makes me cry.

    the other system we absolute love as GTDer’s (Allen’s Getting Things Done system) is I won’t go into all the details here but we espouse its greatness here
    intro to vitalist/GTD
    using contexts
    using projects
    using vitalist as a team

    If it or planning center ever goes down I will have to hurt myself or someone else…mmmmmm.

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