You’ve all asked some lovely questions. Allow me a moment to answer a few…

Katiebod asked of Bathroom Clone

“what exactly were you doing with your camera in the bathroom stall?? :: LOL ::”

The glorious iPhone, which lives in my pocket (’cause it’s my phone!) has a great camera. Even better, you can put it on silent mode so nobody hears the clever camera-snapshot sound 😉


Brian says of Separated at Birth?

“I predict that kid’s voice will change in the middle of his next performance.”

Yes, I think Kristian’s voice will change any day now.


Jonathan asks:

“How is your music dept. is structured (for instance: who is fulltime staff, part-time, who’s a volunteer; if they aren’t on staff, what’s their day job?) and specifically how the worship leaders fit into the equation.

At a lot of (albeit smaller) churches, the worship leader and music dept. head are one in the same, but at Northpoint, worship leaders seem to rotate week to week just like any other band member. This set up intrigues me, as it’s different from what I’m used to…”

Gosh, Jonathan. I’m gonna have to type a while to answer that one. I’ll get back to you, because right now I’m going into my 8th and 9th formal meetings this week, which will bring my meeting hours to about 13 hours in 4 days. Does that give you any insight?

What do YOU want to know about?


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