Sunday Summary Special: Buckhead Church 03.16

I had another treat this week – though it was a loooooong day….

Todd Fields and some of us “north” boys went down to play at Buckhead Church today, our “downtown” campus.

Most of us are normally at North Point (where I work – so I’m always there) in Alpharetta or Browns Bridge Community Church up north in Cumming. So the day at Buckhead was quite out of the norm, especially for me. I hadn’t played a Sunday service at Buckhead in over 2 years, and haven’t played at all in their new AMAZING building.

The crazy length comes via Buckhead’s service schedule – 9 AM, 11 AM and 6 PM. Yepper, that’s 6:00 PM! It’s to reach the younger crowd that populates the hip Buckhead area. And folks, mostly without kids, that normally would not be drawn to a morning service.

The bummer is that you do a full AM rehearsal, run-through and services, and then come back at 3:30 and do a full PM tech rehearsal, run-through and service. So you play through each song at least 7 times minimum. Multiply that by a 3 song set, and it’s a vocalist’s worst nightmare…

The big treat was playing with the “boys” – great friends and incredible musicians, and worshipping with great songs, including one of the greatest songs ever written.


Marvelous Light ” – Charlie Hall tune. Good, familiar tune with Charlie’s new bridge.

Let Me Sing” – Todd Fields. Fantastic tune. Check out what this guy has to say. Interesting…

Breathe On Me ” – Todd Fields, Christy Nockles, Nathan Nockles

My favorite worship song right now – maybe ever. Quite possibly one of the most incredible ever written and recorded. This song is a shining example of how impeccable musicianship and parts with detailed and inspired production can turn a wonderful song into something very, very incredible.

Playing that song all day with these guys was no task. It was an absolute pleasure.

And now, some candid shots…

IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0195.JPG IMG_0196.JPG

That’s Amber Blossom doing announcements.

In the band were Todd Fields, Pat Malone, Ashley Appling, Steve Thomason, Ryan Stuart and me.

Thanks for the fun day, Buckhead! (And I was home just in time to help put the kiddos to bed. Sweet!)

What did YOU get to do today?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary Special: Buckhead Church 03.16

  1. Thanks for the link, dude. Breathe on Me is also one of my favorites, with those nasty string parts. So good. Sounds like yall had a great Sunday. You should come up to NC and check us out sometime.

  2. I feel you on the long day. At our church we have a run through at 7a.m. then three services; 8:30, 10 and 11:30. Then at 2:30 I do another rehearsal with another band and usually another set of music for a 5pm service.. The day goes from 7 to about 6:30. That afternoon rehearsal is a killer vocally after doing the morning services where you usually blow it out. I am trying to come up with some other solutions.

  3. Hey Reid,

    Missed seeing you guys Sunday. Buckhead is pretty amazing. Though, I am a bit prejudice ever since the time Chip and I had to go put their prompter in its wood case because they couldn’t seem to do it.

    Hope to see you soon!


  4. Hey Chris, Carlos has a magic camera…

    Kidding. It’s 3500 seats (including balcony), so I didn’t get either of the sides well. The height of the stage, proscenium and lighting rig is quite large, so it certainly looks impressive from the audience.

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