Pitch Correction?

Hey gang – need a recommendation from all you D.A.W folks.

(Mom, DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation, like Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, etc.)

I need to pitch correct some vocals today for a track for the Easter service, and would love some feedback on the two programs that do this well, and which one I should buy.

The candidates are:

Celemony’s MELODYNE

melodyne 2.jpg


Antares’ AUTO-TUNE


So what do YOU suggest?


7 thoughts on “Pitch Correction?

  1. Roland V-Vocal.

    I used Antares for a long time but switched and have never looked back. Antares still is the industry standard though.

    Or you can always rerecord the vocal.

  2. Hey Reid. I work part time on Production Staff at Southside Church. I love Melodyne. To me it sounds better when using melodyne because the untrained ear cant tell as much that the vocal has been tuned. There is my 2 cents.

  3. I saw Melodyne yesterday for the first time and I was blown away!

    That program is going to revolutionize music creation and editing. I can’t wait to play with it.

  4. Hey Reid,
    I own both Antares 5, and melodyne plug in for PT. Antares is pretty good to just turn it on in auto mode, but to make it sound good you need to do it in graphic mode which is pretty tedious. The melodyne graphical type mode is very easy and intuitive. Most importantly it doesn’t sound like auto tune. I would go with melodyne, not to mention the studio version can do amazing time and pitch stretching to complete multiphonic recordings. check this video of what else the melodyne guys are up to. http://www.celemony.com/cms/index.php?id=dna

    Take it light,
    Darin Peckham
    Access Church

  5. Thanks for all the great input, guys! Melodyne it is!

    Truth be told, I was able to correct the one note in question with Melodyne Essential (included with Pro Tools as an extremely limited version).

    It won’t let you do a long phrase (it adds beeps and stuff on purpose since it’s no the legitimate version), but the one note I needed was there. Sweet.

    But the Studio version is in my future…


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