6,000 Good Idea-ers

For the second year, we here at the ol’ North Point Community Church opted to have our Good Friday service exactly the same as the Easter Sunday service.

This, in my opinion, was a stroke of brilliance by the powers-that-be that decided on it a couple years ago.

It has 3 distinct points.

#1 – It allows Andy to record an Easter message that will then be shown on Sunday morning at our two other campuses (Buckhead Church and Browns Bridge Community Church).

#2 – It offsets the traditionally out-of-control Easter crowds we’ve previously experienced at NP. If you’ve ever sat in the traffic on even a normal Sunday, you can understand the dilemma.

Last night we had one service, with live music in both Auditoriums, with standing-room-only crowds – that’s over 6,000 people with good idea of coming Friday, and avoiding Sunday morning.

#3 – Staff Stress Reducer. While I’m the first to admit I like the reverence, along with the musical and spiritual journey our past Good Friday services have had, the workload was overwhelming. I mean, just plain killer.

And then, Sunday AM was kind of an after thought.

So, instead, we put all our (chocolate Easter) eggs in basket, and did some cool stuff for the “Easter Weekend” service, including 5 1/2 songs, and some epic video. More about all that in tomorrow’s Sunday Summary 😉

What did YOU do for Good Friday?


One thought on “6,000 Good Idea-ers

  1. We host a community service and people from churches all over our region join together for worship. We focus on the cross, spend time in God’s word focused on the crucifixion and then take communion together. It’s sort of the gateway to Easter weekend for lots of people.

    I did some quick math yesterday after the service and realized that 3% of our town’s population was in our building yesterday.

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