Expelled Movie

WOW. We just got to see a screening of the upcoming movie:

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed


It was actually really good. I didn’t feel it was as “Pro-Intelligent Design” as it was an exploration of how the Darwinism community and mainstream science has adopted Darwinism (NOT even “evolution”) as FACT and not THEORY.

In doing so, the mere mention of Intelligent Design is then ridiculed and not even permitted as a theory or up for debate.

The bottom line of the film is not necessarily “Pro-Intelligent Design”, let alone “Pro-Creationism”, but rather that it reveals the significant lack of freedom of ideas within the scientific and academic communities, drawing many parallels to Nazism and post-WWII Communism, and how that is perilous to our own freedoms.

I appreciated how the film was revealing, and not preachy. The greatest irony was that Darwin himself (whether you agree with him or not) presented theories that were new ideas, against the status quo.

Will YOU please go see it when it opens April 18?


11 thoughts on “Expelled Movie

  1. …but rather that it reveals the significant lack of freedom of ideas within the scientific and academic communities

    Hey friend! Just to note, there is no lack of freedom of ideas within the scientific community. The people doing the research simply need to do their scientific homework, publish their work for peer review, and follow the scientific method. Here’s a video link of Ken Miller (who happens to be Christian) discussing what ID needs to do if it wants to be included as a science. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  2. I plan to see it. Ben Stein is great. I think he is one of the smartest guys in America! What the world needs now is more Ben Stein documentaries and less Michael Moore tripe! 🙂

  3. I wonder, would a public school teacher in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, be allowed to say the following:

    “It is interesting to contemplate … [all the many forms of life on earth] … so different from each other, have all been produced by laws acting around us. … There is grandeur in this view of life, HAVING BEEN ORIGINALLY BREATHED BY THE CREATOR INTO A FEW FORMS OR INTO ONE; and that from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.”

    Just imagine a public school teacher who says those words: that God creates life and places it on the earth in a few forms, and then that life evolves according to the physical and natural laws that God put into place in the universe.

    Would that be allowed?

    Actually, it should be REQUIRED FOR THE TEACHER TO SAY THAT.

    Why? Because the quote is from: On the Origin of the Species, Chapter XV, Recapitulation and Conclusion, By Charles Darwin.

    If you are going to teach Darwin’s theory of evolution in public schools, you should teach what Darwin actually wrote about it.

    Michael S. Class

    Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame: The History Book with a Message for Today’s Young Americans

    Read the book. Remember the truth. Share it with your children.

    Web Site: http://www.MagicPictureFrame.com


  4. Michael posted exactly the same comment, word for word, on my blog, apparently to primarily promote his book. I responded to him but instead of really answering, he just basically posted another set of claims and another copy/paste diatribe with yet another link to his book.

    As for the movie, the comparisons it makes are deeply dishonest and simply illegitimate. Science has standards, and you can flunk them. The film basically dodges this entire issue, making its claims about freedom of speech sheer nonsense. No one’s freedom of speech was abridged in any way. If you think about it, the most any of people in the film can claim is that ID proponents have failed to get anyone in science or academia to pay them to support their ideas or claims. And when you look and see that many of those claims are falsehoods, or completely unscientific, you’ll see why.

  5. Man – crazy how many folks troll the Web looking to bring down this movie…

    Interesting. It’s like they write out a couple paragraphs, search some keywords, find a blog out in the middle of nowhere (like mine), and copy and paste their diatribe all day long.

    I, on the other hand, am swamped with work.

  6. When folks like psiloiordinary bring up the separation issue anytime ID or religion is mentioned, they are just trying to reinforce the FALSE idea that the Constitution says anything about a separation of church and state. The Constitution bans the formation of a state religion. That’s it. Period. It was the black robes of our court that advanced the notion of the separation. No one wants an established state religion, but let’s not get carried away with banning any reference to God or religion, one of our most precious freedoms.

  7. “The greatest irony was that Darwin himself (whether you agree with him or not) presented theories that were new ideas, against the status quo.”

    Evolution was known before Darwin, He showed how it could be achieved without any artificial input, that’s where the ‘Natural selection’ part comes into it.

    Darwin presented theories that were backed up by evidence. That evidence was examined, questioned and finally accepted by the majority of biologists. They have used this theory to advance science and understand the processes going on in the natural world. This knowledge has benefited you directly in ways you may never realise (e.g. get a FLU jab, you’ll need a new one in a year as the virus will have evolved)

    ID and creationism peddle the idea of truth without evidence. That something can be so, simply because we say it is. I find this idea abhorrent and dangerous as it leads to discrimination and prejudice.

    p.s. comments like this “as FACT and not THEORY.” just prove that you do not understand what the word theory means. Look up the difference between theory and hypothesis and you will see your mistake.

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