My Birthday

I was born on Wednesday, March 26, 1975

This will be Wednesday March 26, 2008

I will be 33

Jesus was 33

(no pressure!)

I believe this WILL be the most important year of my life so far.

I’m glad you’re sharing it with me!

IMG_1877.jpg IMG_1915.jpg IMG_1939.jpg IMG_1929.jpg IMG_1943.jpg


5 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Hi, it’s April from NP. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you and your wife had wonderful birthdays! My hubby, Ryan Carson’s birthday is tomorrow (April 1st….April Fools Day!). When Ryan was a youth minister, his youth would jokingly call him “April’s Fool!” He,he,he ☺. Anyways, so we were at church listening to Andy speak on fire and the fire alarms went off…how ironic. I’m sure God was laughing at the humor involved in how it all tied together! Later when Ryan and I were serving in WL during the 11:00 someone said that the alarms were set off b/c of a concert in the middle school area…whatever happened…that was a crazy morning (I’m sure it was crazier for all of you on staff), but thank God everyone was safe and it wasn’t raining!

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