LiveWires on MTV

Here’s something cool – John Diles, Co-Founder of LiveWires In-Ear Monitors, found my blog about LiveWires on American Idol and posted a comment.

Click HERE (comment # 8 ) to see what they’re doing with a new MTV show; “Rock the Cradle“. The show features offspring of Pop and Rock stars (Joe Walsh’s daughter, Kenny Loggins son, Olivia Newton John’s daughter, etc.)

Very cool.

And go HERE if you still haven’t ordered your pair…

I used mine today. Love ’em!

FRIENDLY TIP #1: When you first try them on, they’ll be quite snug, to point that you think they don’t fit. They’ll be tough to get in and out the first couple weeks.

This eventually goes away as a small (and not gross) amount of ear wax coats the in-ear monitor, and it slides effortlessly in and out of your ear.

A couple folks have mentioned putting a teeny tiny amount of hand cream or vaseline on the monitor the first few times they wore them to aid in the insertion and removal. I didn’t find it necessary, but you may find that info useful.

FRIENDLY TIP #2: Learn HOW they go in and out of your ear. They actually CORKSCREW INTO and OUT OF your ear canal. You don’t just push them in like an ear plug or a universal in-ear monitor (eg: Shure E5).

FRIENDLY TIP #3: Wear them around the house a bunch before showing up at your first gig with them. BREAK THEM IN – learn how to take them in and out!! Learn how to corkscrew them into your ears for a good, solid seal.

If you don’t, you’ll look like a dork, with your constant fiddling with them…

Trust me on tip #3, from personal experience – not only did I look dumb, but it affected my playing and mix, because I hadn’t learned how to use my monitors properly. I soon learned how to get a great seal (by using the corkscrew technique), and had to change my mix entirely.

Fortunately, my molds were quickly broken in, slip effortlessly in and out, and sound amazing.


5 thoughts on “LiveWires on MTV

  1. I’m not sure if I’d ever use them, but I think I’m sold.

    If they ever come back to NP to do molds for everybody, could you give some warning so I can join in on the party?

  2. Good stuff man. I appreciate all the info. It has motivated me to finally get a pair of custom in-ears, which is a great investment for any musician I believe. Shouldnt Livewires hook you up for referring us?

  3. I was looking to order some LiveWires today and I went to their website and it seems like there is some upheaval at the company. Would you still recommend these in-ears, Reid? Thanks for any advice you’ve got…

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