Another convert

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please welcome MIKE HINES – gear aficionado, the latest convert to the POD X3 Live.

Mike Hines.jpg X3 Live.jpg

Mike plays with us a bunch here at North Point Community Church.

He brings great chops, a ton of experience, and an awesome heart.

Leave that pedal board, heavy Peavey and case of extra tubes at home, Mikey!

Have YOU converted?


3 thoughts on “Another convert

  1. Yep, I bought two of them the first month they were released. One for live and one to keep on the floor at home for practice and patch tweaking.

  2. Yes, I was bitten by the X3 bug! It really just made too much sense. No compromise involved either. That having been said, I will certainly not be trashing my 64 Blackface Deluxe Reverb. I’m actually planning on using the X3 in front of my Deluxe as purely an effect unit at some point. I’ll let you know how that works for me.

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