Sunday Summary: Music – March 30, 2008

Umm, hellooo?? Why didn’t anyone tell me I forgot to do this past weekend’s Sunday Summary?

I know – you’re all off in a corner somewhere making fun of me…

This was a neat week. We introduced a new worship song and Andy announced it during the welcome, giving it some “mad props”. Andy (or whoever is doing the welcome) normally doesn’t set up new tunes, so it was cool to get his “endorsement”. OK – I’ve exceeded my limit of “quotes”…

We started a 2-part series called SAY – based on the power of words. Andy did part 1 on Sunday, and Sean Seay is giving part 2 this week. Sean used to be on staff here until a few years ago he stepped out and boldly started North Point’s second Strategic Partner church, Athens Church, in Athens, GA. Guts, I tell ya – guts!


Say” by John Mayer.

Cool tune to set up the series. James David Carter sang lead, killed it, and made John Mayer look like a tone-deaf little girl. 😉


Because we were doing a new tune, we bookended it with a couple of oldies-but-goodies (that will now see an unofficial retirement…)

Salvation Is Here by Hillsong United

From The Inside Out by Hillsong United

** Funny how songs get around. These 2 songs aren’t that much older than one another, yet one is brand new to us, and the other is ready to be put out to pasture. Interesting.

We also trimmed this one to about 4:45. Not as long as I’d like, but sometimes we need to trim some elements of the service here and there to fit them all in the service. Plus, the 6:20 version is loooong…

Glorious One by Steve Fee

Again, a case study in how a song gets around. This song is nominated for a Dove Award, yet it’s time for us to put it on the back burner.

Leading us this past Sunday were:


Michael Gleason, Mike Hines, Danny Howes, Joe Lee, Pat Malone, Jared Hamilton, Jordan Baker Watts


James David Carter, Brad Long, Daryl Lecroy, Wayne Viar, Brad Gage, Trammell Starks, Jennifer Carrozza

What lead YOU to worship this week?


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