Productivity – the Curse!

It’s Spring Break – the office was quieter than usual, which was good, ’cause I had a TON of work to do. And so it started after our Monday AM evaluation meeting (where we pick away at each element of the service, leaving nothing but a bloody carcass…).

And then, 8 straight hours – including lunch at my desk – of working on one of these:


It started innocent enough. But between DRIVE preparations, Sunday preparations, North Point Music issues, ordering computer parts, signing check requests and booking the next 9 weeks (that’s 18 stages – ’cause we’ve got 2!) of Worship Leaders and bands on Planning Center – I’m spent.

So here’s my day in pictures….

Photo 76.jpg Photo 81.jpg

diet coke.jpg

small pretzels.jpg

Photo 80.jpg




Photo 72.jpg

And then construction on GA-400 made the commute home feel a lot like this:


But now I’m home, getting ready to watch a movie with Jennie. So that’s good!

How’s YOUR Spring Break so far?


2 thoughts on “Productivity – the Curse!

  1. i absolutely love that people are NP are so busy, productive and still have time to share with the rest of us ministry peeps about it on your blogs…it makes me feel like I should be more busy…jk.

  2. Lets see. I have one kid at home with what appears to be the flu. I’m stuck at work and I have 40 bales of pine straw waiting for me when I get home. Not what I would call an ideal Spring Break situation.

    So what movie did you watch?

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