Sunday Summary – Music: April 6th, 2008

We wrapped up the 2-part series “Say” this week. Sean Seay, lead pastor of one of our Strategic Partner churches – Athens Church – spoke about the positive power of words.

And so, it the spirit of all things fun, and since we had the right arsenal – a.k.a. people – we dug out an old fave that, well, at least had “words” in the title.

Alas, I present one of the greatest “metal-band-does-acoustic-ballad-duet-circa-1990” songs of all time:

More Than Words by Extreme. (Yeah, you know it – sing along!)

And now, this picture, to inspire you…


What was so funny about this tune is that it was a huge Adult Contemporary radio hit. Controversy arose once all those soccer moms bought the cassette, popped it in, and were slammed with some serious glam metal. Good times.

We did it on both sides:

West – Michael Olson and Ashley Appling

East – Eddie Kirkland and Steve Thomason

The best part was Eddie and Michael setting up the song as a fun blast from the past, and inviting the crowd to sing along. And then chastising them halfway through for not singing loud enough. 🙂

And then a 180 degree turn into some great worship…

One thing about Eddie Kirkland (East) and Michael Olson (West) is that these two boys were born to lead worship. Singing specials – well, they’re good at that too.

I told them that they both LEAD me in worship. And that’s awesome, ’cause that’s tough to do when I’m walking the rooms, analyzing everything and everyone onstage.


God Is Alive by Steve Fee and Eddie Kirkland

Everlasting God by Brenton Brown

Son of God by Starfield

East – Eddie Kirkland, Scott Meeder, Richard Meeder, Steve Thomason, David Norwood, Jared Hamilton, Rosie Iraheta

West – Michael Olson, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Danny Grady, Jeremy Moyers, Chris Arias, Jen Carrozza

What lead YOU to worship this week?


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