Who stole the heathens from Hollywood?

Apparently either the heathens are missing from Hollywood, or someone slipped something into my water, ’cause I (and 8 Gajillion other people) just witnessed something remarkable.

Yeah, I’m talking about American Idol wrapping up the big “Idol Gives Back” spectacular with a version of Darlene Zschech‘s Shout To The Lord .

Yep – the worship chorus. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, mind you, it was a dated mid-1990’s rendition that would make the Integrity’s Hosanna Singers proud, but it was an actual worship song, nonetheless.

Now if I find out that Darlene Zschech and Don Moen are producers on Idol, I’ll crap my pants. For real.

DarleneZimage2.jpg choir_3.gif

Could YOU believe that they did that song???


6 thoughts on “Who stole the heathens from Hollywood?

  1. How is it even possible? Is Simon Cowell a closet Hillsong fan? Does Randy Jackson close his bedroom door and blast United? Does Paula Abdul have a secret crush on Joel Houston? C’mon, really!?

  2. Josh said:

    the only thing more shocking than Idol doing Shout To The Lord would be North Point doing it, but something tells me that’s not happening anytime soon

    North Point did it more than once either ’99 or early 2000 IIRC… Back when there was a full chorus on stage every month or so.

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