Definition of Creativity

We’ve just started studying what appears to be a great book: Made To Stick

Made to Stick.jpg

I’ll probably have some random comments about this book over the next few weeks…

The first one is on the topic of CREATIVITY. I’m not going to tell you what the book says (you’ll have to actually read it…), but it lead us to a conversation on how the term and idea of creativity seems to have obtained a narrow definition, and is used primarily to describe right-brained, artsy-fartsy painters, musicians and writers. You know – the folks that can barely bathe themselves because their head is off in la-la land….

I threw out the following comments – I’m still not sure if I even totally agree with what I said, but let me know what you think…

Everyone is given an equal dose of “Creativity”. However it presents itself in different forms, depending on how their brain is wired.

For some, it is abstract paintings or creating music, but for others, it’s finding a way to put a man on the moon, or how to deliver fresh water to the Roman Empire, or how to bust all those myths on Mythbusters.

I gave the example of how Micah and his production guys created our incredible control room and it’s brain (a big room with lots and lots of wires and racks and racks of very expensive equipment – how’s that for technical jargon!).

And each week they continue to find new, creative ways to overcome the obstacles we face in synching the East and West Auditoriums, as well as exporting our content to our campuses and strategic partners.

Ain’t no painters or songwriters figuring THAT one out!!!

Brad mentioned the idea of “creativity is problem solving: finding new ways to accomplish something“.

I loved that!

So how’s this for a summary:

How we define Creativity is based on how we view someone else’s natural thought processes when compared to our own.

What do YOU think?


3 thoughts on “Definition of Creativity

  1. When I think of creativity, I think of the cross. God was able to show compassion without compromising justice. He provided a doorway where there seemed to be a wall. It’s just creative in a way that boggles the brain.

    Maybe that’s it! Creativity is an ability (by whatever means) to resolve what seemed irresolvable. Anyway, the “artsy-fartsy” stuff seems more like inspiration than creativity to me.

  2. Hey,

    Got to your blog by clicking randomly (an admittedly dangerous thing to do) and . . . what a treat!

    You wrote: “How we define Creativity is based on how we view someone else’s natural thought processes when compared to our own.”

    There is a hint of “good” jealously in this. I know that when I hear a great song or read a really good book or essay or poem – one that I wish *I* would have written – I think 1) man that was really creative, and 2) I’m jealous! This happens all the time when I read stuff by folks who are writing about the same kinds of things I like to write about. I’ve been studying memoirs quite a bit lately as I work on my own “living memoir” and have read some stuff that, while I’m glad I didn’t have to go through what the author went through, have left me breathless.

    Interesting book. I may have to check and see if my local library has a copy.



  3. Good book. And you gotta read Zag by Marty Neumeier. It might be the simplest and best book ever on understanding how to do brand (not branding, logos and hype…but brand…what makes you truly unique.) About a 2 hour read and has an exercise in the back that is simply genius for a department or staff to go over. ( It’ll keep you from being all over the page. In fact, Marty would say if another company (church) does something extremely well, celebrate it and don’t mimic it. Be you. But his means to understanding your unique place in the world is genius, pure genius. Our exec pastor used to be VP of sales for Salem radio and he and I both concurred the best book of its type…and I’ve read hundreds of books in this vein. CHeck it, dude.

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