Sunday Summary – Music: April 13, 2008

WOW! Apparently lots of folks found yesterday’s post helpful. Or at least thought provoking 😉

So let’s keep this train runnin’…

Jeff Henderson – the lead pastor of our Buckhead Church campus – began his 2-part series called “What Went Wrong”, a study on the life of Soloman, and how the wisest man in history still made choices that left him a shell of a man by the end of his life – and how we can use his example to help our lives.

So we opened with a tune Jeff brought to the table that set up his series, and also set up an illustration in his sermon.

“Letter To Me” by Brad Paisley.

(Did you know that Brad Paisley and I were both at Belmont University at the same time? Yeah, I know: big whoopty doo!)

I know what you’re thinking: What? Not a big, fast, high energy tune? Nope.

Instead, a great song with a great story sung by a great singer with great instrumentalists doing a great job. And THAT is engaging – and THAT is the point of the opener.

Our good buddy Todd Fields sang the tune, Bethany Dick-Olds added some great country fiddle and Mike Hines came over from the West and played some sweet mandolin. Mike, along with Rachel Gillis , added some great harmonies.

This was one of those times when I’m so proud of the incredible musicians that are part of our church. Their musicianship and versatility continue to amaze me. And I’m hard to impress, trust me!

It’s really amazing when you think that these boys and girls turn around and play killer worship!


Salvation’s Chorus

Let Me Sing

These are two incredible tunes by one of my music heros, Todd Fields. I know I brag on Toddy a bunch on my blog, but it’s all deserved. His song writing inspires me, he’s got a great voice that I’ve never heard out of tune, he’s one of the greatest all-round guitarists I’ve ever worked with, and his passion for Christ and worship is contagious. No – I do not have a man-crush. I’m just glad he’s a great friend.

Todd and Danny Dukes (West) both lead worship with humor and passion, and talk to the crowd as though they’re hanging out having coffee with each and every person in the audience. That transparency is incredible and invaluable.

A great worship experience doesn’t happen every service, or even every week, but something just clicked for me during the second service (11 am) this past week. Being on stage playing and singing songs I love, with people that I respect and love working with, worshipping my Creator and Savior – wow. Incredible.

Maybe sometimes it just starts with CHOOSING to worship. The sounds and tones are dialed in, the notes and chords are deep in muscle memory, and you just focus your attention on God.

Well that’s something to chew on.

And while you’re chewing, here are some candid on-stage photos for you to enjoy. I took them during the welcome which was fed from the West Auditorium (after the opener, before the worship).

IMG_0252.jpg IMG_0251.jpg IMG_0254.jpg IMG_0253.jpg

East Band – Todd Fields, Danny Grady, Ashley Appling, Earl South, Rachel Gillis, and me – along with Bethany and Mike on the opener.

West Band – Danny Dukes, Mike Hines, Daryl Lecroy, Scott Meeder, Brad Gage, Mike Bielenberg and Dee Dee Maillian

What helped YOU worship this week?


One thought on “Sunday Summary – Music: April 13, 2008

  1. This last weekend was about Serving, and the thing that actually helped me and our church worship the most was not the time in worship, but the video we shot of people serving around the church. We talked about how every weekend there are hundreds of people who work all week long preparing a meal for us, and as we sit in the service, they’re serving it to us in one way or another. It was great.

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