No Power, Need Guitar

Yes, I know you’re here expecting a brilliantly hilarious or inspired insightful post. Or even pics of my kids.

But, alas, I accidentally left my Macbook Pro’s power supply at the office. DOOOHHH!!!

power adapter.jpg

So, let me leave you with this question that has been plaguing me for the past several weeks:

What, in your opinion, is the best acoustic guitar I can get for around $200?

Yes, I’m a keyboardist by trade, but I need to keep practicing my sweet axe chops at home. Plus, Ella likes dancing to live music, so I must oblige.

Let me know!


9 thoughts on “No Power, Need Guitar

  1. yamaha, epiphone, and ibanez (artwood series) have a few decent offerings for under $300. if you can find anything with a solid top in that price range (and i beleieve yamaha makes some) then go for it.

  2. A Sammick. <- (I think that is how you spell it.) I too, am a keyboardist/ worship leader by trade. Sammicks really suck, but the action is lower than other cheap guitars, so at least it doesn’t feel like a cheap guitar.

  3. If you’re going to push the budget up to $300, then you should consider the baby Taylor! (you could probably find one for around $200 though) It’s got a great unique sound… It’s very mobile… Sounds great… And, you can start teaching your kids now since their arms are probably too short to reach around a full sized guitar. Shoot… what more could you ask for?

  4. For the money, I defy anyone to find an acoustic guitar with better playability and intonation than a Yamaha. Plus they look great! I bought one for my dad a couple years back and it’s the best $300 I’ve ever spent.

    One word of warning, don’t buy the “thinline”. When it comes to a copy of the scriptures…good idea. When it comes to an acoustic guitar…not. Buy the Yamaha. You’ll thank me.

  5. I bought my rogue guitar from musicians friend for 150 and I love it. It is acoustic electric and has a fishman pickup in it. Great action and a brighter sound but a really solid guitar.

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