Sunday Summary – Music: Sunday, April 20, 2008

We wrapped up Jeff Henderson‘s “What Went Wrong” series this week, and discovered a great song. More about that later…

First up:


Our leaders this week were (and we were laughing about this) about as far apart from each other on the WLS (Worship Leader Spectrum. Yep, I just made that up).

We had Kristian Stanfill in East and Mike Gleason in West.

Mike is the ultimate technician – incredible, precise musicianship. Fantastic band leader and “producer” of music on stage. His ability to rehearse a band is amazing – he’s able to relate to and orchestrate each singer and musician, and has been a key personality in the continued strive for excellence with the music at North Point. Mike makes a living as a world-class arranger and producer, and can spot an error in one of our Rhythm Charts from 300 yards (fortunately that’s not often!). After being on stage with Mike, musicians of all skill levels have new respect for a song as a technical wonder and produced work of art.

Mike also has a unique ability to really relate with a key demographic – males 35 – 60. These guys are usually less responsive to the younger worship leaders, and are able to relate to Mike as a wise peer, while his worship on stage essentially gives them to enter into worship as well.

Kristian is on the complete other side of the spectrum. Music theory and traditional musicianship is not his forte. Instead, his gift is one of passion and a natural, effervescent on-stage charisma. He has a natural ability to lead a congregation (or an arena!) through a larger-than-life passion, energy, and raw, emotional power. He’s worshipping – and it’s so contagious, you can’t help but join in.

The nice thing is that, no matter what Auditorium you’re in, you’re going to be lead into worship.

Faithful by Alex Nifong

This has ended up on a few recordings, including this one. However, a few months ago, the Fee boys got us hooked on a faster version. It’s 119 bpm, and starts with a drum groove similar to the song “Move Along”. The faster tempo really picks up the song, and even makes it more singable. Kristian, who sang lead on our album version, hadn’t done the faster version before this week, but really liked it, and was most likely going adapt that as he performs it out and about.

Alex, who wrote the song, was actually playing with Fee the first time we did it fast, so it’s OK – we’ve got his permission 🙂

From The Inside Out by Hillsong United

I’m not a Hillsong United junkie like some folks I know, but THIS is a great tune. One of the bummers about this tune is that you really need to do the full 5:45 version to experience the full power of this tune as a worship song. It really takes you on a journey.

This week we had to make a choice – we had an odd amount of time for worship (due to other extraneous elements in the service), so we could either do 3 edited songs, or 2 longer songs with more freedom for the Worship Leader to pray or tag.

Well that was an easy choice. Full, epic versions with room to tag, thank you very much!


We had a song lined up for this spot for weeks. And when I say weeks, I mean 2 months.

Which, obviously, means we switched it on Monday – 2 days before rehearsal. Never fails…

We ended up doing a really cool tune:

Home by Phil Wickham

We couldn’t find a guy on such short notice to really capture Phil’s vibe, but Tina thought she could hear our good friend Meghan Coffee singing it. I totally agreed. We were also able to get Mandy Miller, who also has that cool vibe as well.

Meghan did an incredible job in East, and Mandy killed it in the West.

If you’re not hip to Phil Wickham yet, check out his album “Cannons” on iTunes.

EastKristian Stanfill, Joe Thibodeau, Matt Melton, Alex Nifong, Earl South and Jared Hamilton

WestMike Gleason, Steve Thomason, Jeremy Moyers, Chris Arias, Wayne Viar and Richard Meeder

What cool song did YOU do this week?


One thought on “Sunday Summary – Music: Sunday, April 20, 2008

  1. We opened with “You’re A God” from Vertical Horizon. Went along with our series on managing money. We also did From the Inside Out the way Kristian does it with the funky, off-beat spot everybody comes in after the first soft chorus and then the odd instrumental breakdown sort of bridge later in the song. Not sure what CD it was from. A powerful new one we did was “Reign In Us” from Starfield’s latest disc called I Will Go. Learned it at rehearsal Thursday night, ran through it once on Sunday morning before the services and nailed it twice. People were really digging that one and saying it’s one of the best new songs they’ve heard us do in a while.

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