Monitors are over rated

Well, it’s official – our upcoming DRIVE Conference is at capacity. Hope you’re coming!

If not – too bad. I will, however, try to post extra that week to make you feel like you’re there…

In the meantime, in preparing for DRIVE, plus our regular Sunday stuff, my brain is fried. I’m thinking for the next DRIVE we save ourselves some stress and just book these guys…

The drum fill at the 2 minute mark is my favorite part.

What’s the worst music YOU’ve seen on You Tube?


8 thoughts on “Monitors are over rated

  1. Reid…ok, here’s the deal. That was a good song. it’s now ruined for life. I know…you were just afraid to let us know that this is your band practicing the opener for Drive? Right? Kicking it of in the grass….cool.
    See ya next week.

  2. Who introduced vocalist William Hung to keys artist Napoleon Dynamite? And did I hear a harmonica at 02:20? Unbelievable. Whether I like it or not, this is my theme song for the day.

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