Sunday Summary – Music: May 4, 2008

May the Fourth be with you.

I love that joke. Been saying that for weeks getting ready for today.

Well, the good news is that today was LIGHT – which is a huge help, considering the chaos that is the DRIVE CONFERENCE, which starts tomorrow. Hope you’re coming! Be sure and say “hi!”

We’ve been working our rears off. Everyone collapsed yesterday with a much deserved day off, and many of the non-“main session” staff are going to spend the rest of today turing this building around for our conference guests.

Now we had been planning this elaborate opener for this morning focusing on our preschool and student ministries volunteers – a quasi celebration of the existing ones, and a push for new/additional ones.

It’s a parody of The Beatle’s “Help!” with Jon Williams, one of our KisStuf staff. Unfortunately, between the Orange conference, the Drive conference and preparing for this number, Jon’s body got the best of him.

No worries, though. He’ll be OK, and we’ll do the number on May 18th – the last week of our 3 week volunteer campaign.

So that left a brief, but great worship set…


Salvation’s Chorus by Todd Fields

I know you’ve bought THIS and it’s one of your favorite songs…

Mighty To Save by Hillsong United

Umm, OK, again, I know you’ve bought THIS and it’s ALSO one of your favorite songs…

That was it – short, simple, effective. Kinda like this post…

East BandTodd Fields, Matt Adkins, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Me!

West BandEddie Kirkland, Mike Hines, Jeremy Moyers, Keith Thomas, Richard Meeder, Scott Meeder, Karen Bitzer


POD X3 Live count for today: 4

(3 electric, 1 acoustic)

What lead YOU to worship?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: May 4, 2008

  1. XT Live on the acoustic?? Tell me more!!

    Hope you guys have a great week with the conference – pretty awesome way to serve a bunch of leaders from all over the place.

  2. Oh yeah, bro – X3 Live for acoustic is sweet!

    And bass for that matter…

    And vocals with the XLR input…

    Pre amps, compressors, verbs, delays, and it’s a D.I. to boot!

    Drooooool, droooool…..

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