iVideosongs on front page of iTunes

So I know you all go to North Point Music (.org!) for all your worship tune needs, but here’s a revolutionary new site for guitar instruction and learning all those new and classic rock songs:


And today their podcast is featured on the front page of the iTunes store!! VERY COOL!

Picture 1.png

This is a company founded by one of North Point’s veteran guitarists (and Grammy nominee) Tim Huffman. And, just to give you some reference on the magnitude of this, he pitched the concept to Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniack, who loved it, and has been quite involved.

Tim has also used a host of Atlanta’s top musicians to realistically and PROPERLY recreate the catalogue of tunes that YOU learn to. He’s used a ton of guys that play at the North Point campuses, including:

.38 Special alum Scott Meeder

Kansas alum Mike Gleason

East to West alum Ashley Appling

Injected lead man Danny Grady

Studio veteran Pat Malone

This is a huge leap forward in teaching guitar and songs!

And, once again, you’re welcome… 😉


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