X3 Live Count

POD X3 Live count for this past Sunday at North Point Community Church, East and West Auditoriums:


All 4 electrics (2 on each side) and 1 acoustic (yes, it has GREAT pre-amps and effects – verb, compression, etc…)

Amplifier Isolation Boxes used: 0

How ya like them apples?

X3 Live.jpg


6 thoughts on “X3 Live Count

  1. At first, as a long time FOH mixer, this trend offended my religion. To me it was just the next evolution of the Ipod generation. The more people get used to listening to 128kbps encoded music, the more digital instrumentation will be acceptable.

    Now, to be honest, I have heard the X3 used by the great musicians at NPMI and my conclusion is – I still think that Analog Amps distort better – but these things do sound pretty good in the right hands.

    My bottom line is that we will know that these things are the real deal when the guitar players you mention actually sell their boutique amps. So far I don’t know of anyone who has sold their amps and only have a X3.

  2. Yeah, those guys won’t – nor should they – ever sell their sweet boutique gear. THAT would be an atrocity. And they still occasionally use those in a stationary recording situation.

    The difference for them is the experience – load in, load out, no more 50 pound combo amps, no more running back to the iso box to tweak amp settings, no more flight cases, cartage dollies, expensive pedals and pedal boards, power supplies, batteries, a case full of 1/4″ connector cables, cars and back seats getting beat up, tubes blowing, mics getting bumped out of their placement, etc.

    All that for little to no difference sonically.

    And, in some cases, it’s actually improved some guys tones going to FOH, not to mention the arsenal of effects and stomp boxes they might not have had before.

    BUT – as with any musical instrument, it’s ultimately ALL IN THE HANDS OF THE USER!

    You could give me a top of the line guitar rig and it’ll sound like crap. You can give Danny Grady or Todd a $99 Epiphone acoustic and they can make magic.

    So I’m ultimately cool with whatever each guy wants to use that he feels comfortable with and that inspires him. That just happens to be the X3 Live for a lot (and now most) of our guys, but obviously not all.

  3. Hey Reid, how’s it goin’? So, I’m curious about how you guys do this… Does each player save off their presets on the X3 or is the X3 easy enough to dial in that each player can reset their settings each week? The challenge that I’ve always seen with this type of gear is that it’s not as easy to dial in a sweet tone as good analog gear. Do folks re-use each other settings?

    Hope things are going well down there, buddy. Thanks for this great blog. Just discovered it last week and have soaked it in…

  4. Wes!!! Hey man! Hope you’re well! Miss you!

    Actually, each guy has bought his own. Now they take their X3 Live’s to all their own gigs, and perfect their presets according to their needs and individual guitars. They don’t have to lug any of their gear no matter where or what they’re doing.

    Most guys are using the balanced outs, or even the S/PDIF outs – which are pristine. That way they can record a Marshall Plexi at full volume, and not bother their sleeping kids 😉

    It’s also a piece of cake to tweak as needed during rehearsal.

    We did buy 1 X3 Live for the church – mostly as a backup for when someone’s tube blows – and also for some recording.

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